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The Zichichi Family Farm(stead) Story

Our journey began with a small solar farmhouse and garden in Cape Cod, MA

From there, we moved to Valley Center CA, where we lived on 100% solar electric power and produced approximately 50% of our food, including chickens, turkeys, eggs, fruits and vegetables. But as life changes we decided that we wanted a more commercial opportunity to share what we where doing with others in our community... This ended up leading us back to Sal's home state of Connecticut.

We then moved to Wadamalaw Island SC, built our barn, started our family, and established a large family garden. 

In North Stonington we began our next chapter at the Zichichi Family Farm in 2015.  We committed to farming and outdoor living in beautiful North Stonington, CT. At our farmstead, we produce for our family and yours, selling these products to the community from our farm. We offer farm visits and stays with the option to participate in farm activities. With a few years work under our belt is coming into its own. Our commitment to the outdoors included maintaining this property in a sustainable manor. We put 35 acres into forestry committing not to develop on it for at least10 years. Some other highlights, include producing our own power, heating primarily with a renewable resource, using our own hay for our animals. It is our hope a farm stay at Zichichi Family Farm brings you closer to an understanding of where your food comes from and how farming can be sustainable and local and get you outside enjoying everything nature has to offer.

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