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We sell farm raise sheep, chickens, pigs, and fruit/vegetables to our guests, visitors and small commercial vendors.  All our meat is processed and packaged at a USDA inspected facility.  Shopping is easy just message us on Facebook; click Whats New at the top of the page.  This way we can give you an idea of our inventory, pricing, and we can set up a time for your farm pickup or if you prefer a time to come browse our current selection.  We thank you for your business and supporting small local farms!

 Wholesale Farm Direct -  Allowing us to pass the savings on to you.

 Lamb Box sizes vary (30-60lbs) 

Half Pig Share -We have only one left

Small Batch Meats

Lamb; Grass fed lamb off off our pasture and forest utilizing mixed forage and some grains. 

Pork; We do two pigs a year in order to utilize our produce not fit for sale to the public and in return get some pretty nice compost and bacon (while supplies last) Prices vary based on cut



Produce; Seasonal and think family garden, only bigger, we have a little of everything. Be on the lookout for our street side farm stand this coming year! Prices vary. 

Available again in the spring of 2023


Eggs; Free ranging chickens of various varieties creates a beautiful dozen eggs, With a large enclosure our hens have plenty of ground space, additional they are let out of the coop most afternoons when guests are not at the farm to help control our pest populations. a great repurposing of food scraps, when the pig aren't around! 



Specialty Items; All our product come from our farm, but some are taken care of by other neighboring farmers with specialties such as honey and syrup! Hoppy's Christmas Tree Farm & Honey and Beeyond

That being said, it takes a village, and we sometimes have on had Sloping Meadow Farms ground beef since the owner is kind enough to hays our fields for our animals!



Don't have time to get to the farm. A lot of are products are available for delivery though get native eats (pricing varies). Check them out at

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