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A Helping Hand

Pay it Forward

Being a small family run farm that is focused on environmentally friendly and self-sustaining practices isn’t easy… and sometimes it takes a village. That one person who lends a helping hand can make all the difference. If you are interested in helping out with your philanthropy, time, skills, or donations please reach out. Having trouble affording farm fresh food, reach out we may be able to help.


Wish List

in no particular order

  • Volunteers

  • wood chipper

  • Spent grain from brewing

  • Zero turn Riding mower.

  • Manure spreader

  • Hoop house

  • Small engine repair

  • Excavator (or use of)

  • Deck screws

  • John Deere round fender engine

  • Seeds

  • Hay trailers

  • Tractor to run hay equipment (strong loader would be nice.

  • Haying equipment

  • Flat top egg cartons

  • Fire wood processor /processing equipment

  • Micro hydro power setup  (or pieces thereof)

  • Electrical cable…

  • Rebar

  • Indoor/outdoor lighting solutions

  • Solar panels

  • Charge controllers

  • Inverter

  • Saw mill

  • Dump trailer

  • Fly fishing setups

  • Pond aerator

  • Bird netting, fencing, chicken wire, hardware mesh

  • IBC totes

  • Heavy duty Pallets

  • Water barrels

  • Miscellaneous building supplies, pipes, conduit, PVC pipe, 

  • Landscape/trail clearing & maintenance tools… Rakes, shovels,  hedge trimmer, carts, saws…

  • Greenhouse/growing supplies… small tools, clear panels, trays, lights, mats, wire shelving, … 

  • Skid steer

  • Band saw

  • 10” table saw that has power to rip oak

  • Grappler for tractor

  • Skid steer

  • Anvil and other blacksmithing tools

  • Many more I am sure we can't think of

*We are not a tax deductible charity, but greatly appreciate any philanthropy.

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