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New for April 2024 - Pond Stocking

Connecticut trout fishing is one of the best kept secrets of our state. Zichichi Family Farm is conveniently located near many local attractions but feels isolated and pristine. Our stream access is perfect for flyfishing and our private pond is stocked with nice size trout anyone would love to catch. Whether you are wanting to take your kids somewhere special for their first fish or just looking to get away from the crowds we have you covered. Fishing can be either part of your farm stay or as a day trip either way we can put together a package that works for your budget. Contact us for more details.

Add Fly Fishing Lessons to your Farm Stay?

Zichichi Family farm is excited to work with Phil Sheffield to offer flyfishing lessons as part of your stay. Phil has been passionate about fly fishing for over 62 years, and our property is uniquely situated to provide a amazing teaching enviroment.  A Stonington native for all of his life, he has fished everywhere one can imagine in the state of CT and beyond.  He is retired but is currently a certified seasonal casting instructor for LL Bean and lives on Mason’s Island in Mystic Ct.  His passion at this point in his life is teaching the fine art of angling with a fly in both fresh and saltwater…..patiently.   He is on the Pro Staff of Mike Wade’s Watch Hill Outfitters in Westerly, RI and is a licensed and insured guide.  Phil will be offering 1-2 hour personal casting and angling lessons as part of your stay. These lessons vary based on the allotted time and skill level, but will include lawn casting, and still water casting on our stocked pond.  He can also teach all the aspects entailing fly rod and line choices with guided fishing lessons.  How to hook and play large trout and safely release then unharmed.  Fly choices and the proper leaders and tippet plus knots to tie.  You will leave our farm well educated to advance your knowledge of fly casting and fishing in still water and moving water situations.  Euro nymphing, wet fly swing, dry fly presentation, streamers  and how to fish them.  Also a quick study in entomology for matching hatches.  Phil is also an avid fly tyer and can also get you started on that path which can be a  rewarding, full circle fly fishing experience.  We will have fly rods and reels available for a rental fee or you can bring your own.  Four, five or six weight outfits with matching floating lines are preferred. Cost is $60 dollars per student for 1 a hour lesson and $200 per student for a 2 hour lesson. Proceeds from your flyfishing guided experience at the farm go back into our fishing infrastructure in order to maintain our natural habitat and teach the next generation of fly fisherman.

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